Hen party life drawing activity classes and fantastic, fun, exciting, class entertainment or should I perhaps say hen-tertainment by male-order delivered to your door with a charming, charismatic, confident, highly experienced, independent, professional male life model posing nude for hen parties located in all areas of SW London, Greater London, Surrey and other areas throughout Nationwide UK

I am personally based on the borders of Wandsworth SW18 and Putney SW15 in SW London, South-West London and I travel to cover all areas of SW London as a male nude life model for hen party life drawing.

I travel to cover all areas of South London, North London, East London, West London and Central London as a male nude life model for hen party life drawing.

I also travel to cover all areas of Surrey as a male nude life model for hen party life drawing.

As well as being booked for many, many hen life drawing parties in all the SW London and other Greater London areas, I have been booked as a male nude life model for hen party life drawing for numerous hen parties and other fun parties located in all areas of Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Cotwolds, Dorset, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, New Forest, Oxfordshire, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex and Wiltshire.

Popular destinations, locations and more specific areas for hen parties when travelling outside London and bookings for hen party life drawing have included Abingdon, Bath Spa, Bournemouth, Brighton, Bristol, Cambridge, Henley on Thames, Oxford, Petersfield, Sevenoaks, Southampton, Swindon, Tunbridge Wells, Winchester and Witney to name a few.

I am also sometimes able to travel to model for hen parties and hen party life drawing activity classes Nationwide UK to other areas, locations, towns or cities not mentioned herewith depending on my booking schedule and availability with as much advance notice as possible, so please feel free to ask...

Hen party life drawing is a fantastic, fun, exciting, classy, sophisticated, artistic activity to both entertain and suit both the shy reserved and even prudish ladies or to please the more adventurous confident outgoing playful ladies.

A creative concept and an inspiring intimate inspiration for parties to enjoy artistic, classical, tasteful male nudity in a life drawing class with a twist with guaranteed giggles for all the girls.

The perfect party entertainment idea and group activity just to enjoy a relaxing, fun-filled life drawing class, a sketching session and artistic activity together in the company of your special friend the bride-to-be and other friends in a totally relaxed atmosphere within the comfort of your own surroundings.

A bespoke form of exhilarating,exciting entertainment tailored to suit all artistic abilities to suit all the ladies and to involve everyone in the fun frivolity and the whole creative conceptual idea is not to create works of art, but just to enjoy yourselves together with the emphasis on fun.

A fun, exciting, exhilarating "ice-breaker" especially for larger parties if there are different groups of friends with only the bride-to-be in common with each other to begin with when meeting for the first time.

I can personally guarantee that my life drawing session for hen parties will give you all a common-denominator and an activity to enjoy together and talk about in unison before, during and after drawing myself as a male nude life model posing naked in several different classical poses with fun, excitement, laughter and games included, thus bringing new and different friendship factions all together as one party no matter how many ladies are invited.

This is your chance and opportunity to appreciate the classical male nude form and naked figure with a life drawing class / session and to take the time to enjoy an actual activity together at the hen party with your friends all remaining within your personal comfort zones and boundaries.

You may even surprise yourselves when you drawing me posing nude in various different poses with your new found, inspirational artistic talent in conjunction with a glass or three of bubbles.

In fact, I have sometimes even seen better life drawings posing nude and naked at hen parties than I have when life modelling at the art colleges or for regular, mainstream life drawing art classes.

Due to my experience as a professional male nude life model modelling for regular, mainstream art nude life drawing classes - I can always offer you artistic direction and inspiration during the hen party life drawing session or classes.

No party is too small or too large to book my professional male life modelling services and I invite you to read more details about hen party life drawing

I am also available to pose for artistic creative life drawing classes exclusively for women, groups of female artists, ladies who lunch, ladies of leisure, ladies' events, birthday parties or any other inspirational ideas for all-female celebrations or other parties who would enjoy a life drawing class featuring artistic tasteful male nudity and drawing the male nude form with classical art nude poses.

Please visit my Life Drawing Classes for Women website for more details...

I guess that one has to sell one's self here to some extent so here goes and I assure you that it is all true!!

In my vast wealth of experience as a hen party male life model the women booking me for hen parties feel that personality with a great, fun sense of humour is just as important as have a decent nude physique to draw.

I shall hopefully provide you with just enough insight and information about myself to compliment all the many photographs within my website and help your decision in booking me as your chosen male life model for the hen party that you are organising.

You also have the added advantage of dealing with myself directly as an independent, professional male life model to liase with the arrangements leading up to the actual party day as opposed to an agency or hen party company so you know exactly who I am beforehand, who you are booking and what to expect.

By way of introduction - My name is Simon, aged in my forties and I am a highly experienced, independent, reliable, reputable, professional male life model and considered to be very charming, charismatic, confident, articulate, eloquent, highly intelligent, well-spoken, fun, friendly and totally approachable so the ladies kindly and generously tell me.

I maintain a good, toned, athletic physique and I enjoy a very active, fit healthy lifestyle with an adventurous zest for life.

I have an unsurpassed, vast wealth of varying vocational, art nude life modelling experience posing nude when life modelling for mainstream, regular life drawing classes held in educational establishments or art / fashion colleges.

I have an equally unsurpassed and dare I say possibly unrivalled, vast wealth of hen party experience amassed over the past twelve years offering my own unique brand of entertainment.

I always have just as much fun as the girls drawing my nude physique and naked form when I am life modelling and entertaining the ladies with my constant chat, fun and banter combined with equal amounts of cheek and charm thus making all the girls feel totally at ease at all my parties as I always immediately engage with my hen parties.

I always like to involve each lady present at parties in the fun so no-one feels left out and I always introduce myself to begin with before we commence the life drawing thus making the girls feel immediately relaxed and once again, the ladies always feel comfortable and completely relaxed in my engaging party presence.

I am also very flexible, versatile and accommodating with all my party bookings and offer a bespoke life modelling service tailored to suit the individual needs or requests of your party such as themes or surprise scenarios.

Although I am very confident in personality when entertaining all the ladies at my hen parties - I am also a very polite, conscientious person being quintessentially aware of my surroundings and never ever cocky - no pun intended Hee Hee!

I have a great sense of humour, positive personality with a cheerful, fun, playful out-look on life and I am very outgoing with self-assured confidence, yet there is a dichotomy or yin and yang to my personality as I am a very modest individual too being very down-to-earth being the least narcissistic man or male life model that you will ever met.

I am a real "social chameleon" adapting to any situation and I also tend to move in very similar social circles as most of the of ladies who book me to model for parties.

Ladies have always told me from my very first party booking to present day that they appreciate the charisma, charming banter, wit, repartee and humour that I bring to all my bookings coupled with my nude life modelling.

I personally guarantee that you will all enjoy a fun time spent in my charming company as a professional male life model with style, coupled with the excitement of the nude life drawing class / session without anything cheap, tacky or sleazy, as I am most certainly not and never have been and never will be a stripper.


As well as being a professional male life model, I am also a professional massage therapist masseur.

I am based in Wandsworth SW18 / Putney SW15 in SW London, also offering out-call, visiting, mobile massage services in the comfort of your own home or hotel room covering all areas of SW London, South-West London Greater London, Surrey and other areas throughout the UK within reasonable travelling distances from London.

I offer my professional massage therapy treatments for hen parties and pamper parties either as a separate booking or in conjunction with my hen party life modelling services:

"Assuring you of my best attention and professionalism at all times"  Simon xx

I have literally (and artistically!) modelled for hundreds of hen parties due to my party popularity since my very first booking to model and pose nude for my very first party back in 2005.

I am regularly booked throughout each week of the year for at least two or three hen parties nearly every single Saturday throughout the entire year giving 110% energy and attention to each party.

Most of my bookings tend to fall on a Saturday, but I am available seven days a week assuming I am free should you wish to book me on another day aside from a Saturday.

I have even been booked for an amazing, awesome five hen parties in one day on nine separate Saturdays to date and once modelled for eight parties encompassing the whole weekend - Lucky me!!
"Hi Simon, I just wanted to say thanks SO much for making our party so brilliant yesterday.You tailored it really well to the group so everyone loved it. You definitely made all the girls feel at ease with your personality making the life drawing a really memorable activity for the hen party."  Maria 

"Thanks so much Simon - We all had lots of fun. You pitched it perfectly for all the ladies to enjoy!"  Helen

Hanging out with the girls again!!

I recommend viewing my galleries for many more images which I feel reflect the fun that we are all enjoying together...

You are more than welcome and allowed to take as many photographs and videos as you like as I am sure you are able to derive from perusing my many photographs within the galleries.

All the photographic images within my website have been photographed then kindly sent to me by ladies and then reproduced with their kind permission.

Does my bum look big in this?

Ladies always feel comfortable in my party presence... Happy Hens!


"A unique entertainment idea,creative concept and all the girls agreed it was the very best and most fun part of the day"  Katie
"I was given your details by a colleague who booked you to model for two parties she had organised last year - she said you were brilliant and I would like to book you too please for my best friend's hen party as you come highly recommended"  Isabel
"Thanks so much Simon and due to your charismatic, fun personality as a life model we all enjoyed a wonderful party with your life drawing entertainment. I have also just recommended you to my friend who is planning a party"  Jemma
"It was so refreshing chatting with you to organise the hen party life drawing and especially arranging the element of surprise for the hen which was so easy due to your fun personality. I would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone planning a party"  Sara
"Simon - you were absolutely brilliant and hilarious and your personality walked in five minutes before you did. All the girls really enjoyed your company and of course the nude life modelling. A perfect prelude to our night out and we felt immediately at ease in your company. The girls are still talking about you two weeks after the party!"  Lucy
"Thank you so much for yesterday. Becky had a perfect day and said that it was like having a thousand birthdays rolled in to one. A big part of that was the life drawing with you so thank you very much again. You have a great energy and all the girls enjoyed meeting you with our life drawing session"  Leanne
"You most certainly live up to expectations and the life drawing was the best part of our hen party. Thank you once again and booking a life model with style, personality and sense of fun was a bonus making us all feel completely comfortable in your presence. A charming, true gentleman impressing us all with your professionalism"  Tasha
"Dear Simon, You may remember attending a hen party I organised in July 2014 arranged by Claire. She is now getting married herself this summer 2016. You were such a star at the party and we always talk about it! We would love to get you back for her own hen party this time and I think it would be such an unexpected and fun surprise for you to be there again."  Julia
"Hi Simon, I wanted to make an enquiry as to your availability for a hen party I am organising for July of this year as I would really like to book your life modelling services. After an initial search I immediately came across your life modelling website. 

Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on such an excellent, easy to navigate and informative website. 

Secondly, may I say what a physique you have and all the photographs show the ladies thoroughly at ease drawing a very well-endowed, naked male life model."  Susannah
"Dear Simon, It was great to see you again and may I congratulate you on another fun hen party life drawing session. You really made our day very special and I knew I could count on you again to entertain us!"  Sophia

All images and written text herewith are protected under legal copyright & any reproduction is not permitted under any circumstances.

Please visit my Website Copyright Notice link above for more details.

Do you like my big clock?
Do you like my big cock Hee Hee!!

Well I did promise you that I am well endowed!!

I guess that I shall just have to grin and bare it!
The ladies do seem to be "drawn" to me

Why have cotton when you can have silk...
'What a piece of work is man' Shakespeare
Measuring is very important in life drawing!!
"Hey Simon!! Look at my drawing of you"
To which I replied "It is like looking in the mirror!!"
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