About Hen Party Life Drawing


Some companies, organisations or individual male life models offering hen party life drawing entertainment classes throughout the UK may make exaggerated, false, unjust, unfounded or unsubstantiated claims that they were the first to originate hen party life drawing classes or state that they originated or conceived the creative concept of life drawing for hen parties.

However, regardless of any claims and contrary to their beliefs, the actual truth is that hen party life drawing actually began and originated in Australia almost simultaneously in both Melbourne and Sydney in circa 2004 / 2005. 

Any other individual or company offering hen party life drawing in the UK and who claims to have originated the idea is not being honest with themselves and deceptive to the general public who view their websites in stating that they originated the idea.

The idea of hen party life drawing spread slowly but surely over to the UK shortly afterwards within this time frame and it was rather like one main company starting the whole idea of Butlers in the Buff with the trademark company name and then the craze taking off with many other companies or individuals taking on the idea themselves and jumping on the band-wagon so to speak to offer such similar services.

I am often told by artists, art teachers / tutors, other life models and ladies booking my male nude life modelling services for hen parties when it it first took hold in the UK, that I was probably and almost certainly the very first male life model based in the UK to offer and be booked for hen party life drawing sessions and life drawing classes for hen parties in London and throughout the UK

The party popularity of life drawing for hen parties has grown from strength to strength over the years for all of us involved in offering hen party life drawing classes with such a fun, fantastic, exciting, artistic, creative concept for hen parties to enjoy.

I will honestly state for the record that I was one of the very first male nude life models to offer hen party life drawing in the UK in 2005 if not the very first with other following soon afterwards in the exciting explosion and this is how I began to offer my professional male nude life modelling services for hen parties...

I must confess that after I took my own very first enquiry to model for a hen party back in 2005 comprising of 38 Australian women in Notting Hill, London - I came off the telephone completely surprised at the request and then after the phone call had sunk in and been processed, I then thought "Why didn't I think of that!!"

Although I had already modelled for all-female life drawing groups / classes held in mainstream art colleges, evening classes, art galleries, private groups of female artists, life drawing classes for women and at least 25 all-girls schools for the sixth form classes having met the female art teachers from the respective schools at evening classes or summer courses by that time in 2005 in my capacity as a reputable, popular professional male life model and the fact that I was used to posing nude for females, I was still surprised at being booked for a hen party!!

The lady who initially made contact with me was organising entertainment for her sister's party and explained that her mother was an artist, she had attended an art college and that her sister was a jewellery designer so all in all a very artistic family.

When seeking new ideas for the party entertainment her mother has suggested that they held a life drawing surprise session for the younger sister getting married as party of the day's events and tasked her daughter to find a suitable male life model based in London...

So a big thank you to that particular lady for finding me to then book me for my very first party and for planting the seeds in my mind to offer my professional male nude life modelling services for hen parties and then other non-hen party bookings.

As my life model website appeared number one result in Google at the time and still continues to do so, I then began to mention hen party life drawing in a small paragraph within my main life model website accompanied with a small selection of photographs taken at my parties until I then was overwhelmed with more and more bookings.

I then developed and created a separate website to offer hen party life drawing in both London or throughout the UK and then of course the whole creative concept began to spread very quickly within the life modeling / life drawing fraternity or community before spreading to become a national surprise sensation. 

I have to honestly admit that my success, idea and popularity with nude life modelling for hen parties was and is completely by default and that I was asked to do so at the random request of my first party and then many other Australian ladies in the UK to begin with.

The artistic activity grew and grew in the UK and the rest is history for me with my own vast wealth of experience in my hen party life modelling career to date entertaining all my many, many hen parties with male nude life modelling and I truly and passionately love every minute of my hen party life drawing activity classes and male nude life modelling for hen parties...


My life drawing sessions for parties are most certainly NOT like the usual, formal, serious and studious life drawing classes held in art colleges who run studio classes in silence with no conversation or without ambient atmosphere, so I use the word "classes" in the loose sense of the meaning in connection with life modelling for hen parties, although there is always plenty of "class" with me as your chosen male nude life model to entertain and pose for you of course.

So in this sense and in essence it is party class entertainment with lots of fun and laughter thrown in for good measure!!

I am always able to offer you artistic direction, encouragement and inspiration with art / life drawing tips as well as lots of fun hen party life drawing games suitable for all skills and for all the girls to join in together and play as an artistic art group in unity.

The life drawing session with me entertaining you all lasts for circa one-and-a-half hours in duration for your reference when planning your events, intinerary and activities for the day or evening.

My parties are always a fantastic, fun and creative time for all the ladies with constant fun banter with excitement and games reflected in all the photographic images keeping all the ladies entertained or amused.

The number of ladies present at all my parties can range anything between 5 to 30 or more in number and no party is too small or too large to book me to pose as a male nude life model.

I do offer a discounted price fee for smaller parties which is negotiable between us so please refer to my Prices link for more details.

I usually and nearly always model on my own without an art tutor or art teacher, so in essence your life drawing session will be untutored.

I am able to tailor the hen party life drawing session with a bespoke artistic activity to suit your individual or group party needs or requirements with competence complete confidence.

I have been a professional life model since the age of 19 with a vast wealth of experience so I am able to guide you through a selection of poses with my own tutorledge, guidance and knowledge advising you on drawing techniques without the need for an art tutor.


If you wish your life drawing class to be a more formal and structured format as those held in genuine educational life drawing classes at the art or fashion colleges, then I am more than happy or able to offer this creative concept on my own offering plenty of artistic life drawing tips and offering encouragement for the ladies with my own artistic advice.

I do also occasionally work with professional female art teachers / tutors based in London when requested and should you require a tutored life drawing class so please feel free to ask for the availability of a female artist, teacher or tutor.

Hen party life drawing is an artistic alternative, fun, fantastic, exciting, classy, sophisticated, artistic activity to both entertain and suit both the shy reserved and even prudish ladies or to please the more adventurous confident outgoing playful ladies.

A creative concept and an inspiring intimate inspiration for parties to enjoy artistic, classical, tasteful male nudity in a life drawing class with a twist with guaranteed giggles for all the girls.

The perfect party entertainment idea and group activity just to enjoy a relaxing, fun-filled life drawing class, a sketching session and artistic activity together in the company of your special friend the bride-to-be and other friends in a totally relaxed atmosphere within the comfort of your own surroundings.

A bespoke form of exhilarating,exciting entertainment tailored to suit all artistic abilities to suit all the ladies and to involve everyone in the fun frivolity and the whole creative conceptual idea is not to create works of art, but just to enjoy yourselves together with the emphasis on fun.

A fun, exciting, exhilarating "ice-breaker" especially for larger parties if there are different groups of friends with only the bride-to-be in common with each other to begin with when meeting for the first time.
Once the initial excitement of seeing and meeting me for the first time prior to the actual life drawing session has subsided, I do have a general blueprint when life modelling for hen parties which will begin with a five minute "warm-up" pose after all the introductions, my grande entrance and any surprise scenarios to start the life drawing class or session...

You can then enjoy drawing me as a naked masculine male life model at the hen party posing in classical art nude poses to bring some "maleness" to the female fold incorporating some longer statuesque poses with masculinity or you can equally enjoy more amusing, fun, playful poses when playing party games and with quick poses or shorter poses to involve or incorporate different drawing games for all the lovely ladies to enjoy a fun-filled, thrilling life drawing session together.

My life modelling services can also be bespoke and can always be adapted to suit the needs of all hen parties to suit individual hen party requirements or themes that you may have for your particular party.

I can personally guarantee that my life drawing sessions for hen parties will give you all a common-denominator and an activity to enjoy together and talk about in unison before, during and after drawing myself as a male nude life model posing naked in several different artistic, creative classical poses with fun, excitement, laughter and games included, thus bringing new and different friendship factions all together as one party no matter how many ladies are invited.

This is your chance and opportunity to appreciate the classical male nude form and naked figure with a life drawing class / session and to take the time to enjoy an actual artistic activity together at the hen party with your friends all remaining within your personal comfort zones and boundaries.
You may even surprise yourselves when you drawing me posing nude in various different poses with your new found, inspirational artistic talent in conjunction with a glass or three of bubbles.

In fact, I have sometimes even seen better life drawings posing nude for hen parties than I have when life modelling at the art colleges or for regular, mainstream life drawing art classes.

Due to my experience as a professional male nude life model modelling for regular, mainstream art nude life drawing classes - I can always offer you artistic direction and inspiration during the hen party life drawing session or classes.
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