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Well I guess that one has to sell one's self here to some extent so here goes and I assure you that it is all true!!

In my vast wealth of experience as a hen party male life model, the women booking me for hen parties do feel that personality with a great, fun sense of humour is just as important as have a decent nude physique to draw.

I shall hopefully provide you with just enough insight and information about myself to compliment all the many photographs within my website and help your decision in booking me as your chosen male life model for the hen party that you are organising.

You also have the added advantage of dealing with myself directly as an independent, professional male life model to liase with the arrangements leading up to the actual party day as opposed to an agency or hen party company so you know exactly who I am beforehand, who you are booking and what to expect.

By way of introduction - My name is Simon, aged in my forties and I am a highly experienced, independent, reliable, reputable, professional male life model and considered to be very charming, charismatic, confident, articulate, eloquent, highly intelligent, well-spoken, fun, friendly and totally approachable so the ladies kindly and generously tell me.

I maintain a good, toned, athletic physique and I enjoy a very active, fit healthy lifestyle with an adventurous zest for life.

I have an unsurpassed, vast wealth of varying vocational, art nude life modelling experience posing nude when life modelling for mainstream, regular life drawing classes held in educational establishments or art / fashion colleges.

I have an equally unsurpassed and dare I say possibly unrivalled, vast wealth of hen party experience amassed over the past twelve years offering my own unique brand of entertainment and I assure you that you will not be disppointed.

I always have just as much fun as the girls drawing my nude physique and naked form when I am life modelling and entertaining the ladies with my constant chat, fun and banter combined with equal amounts of cheek and charm thus making all the girls feel totally at ease at all my parties as I always immediately engage with my hen parties.

I always like to involve each lady present at parties in the fun so no-one feels left out and I always introduce myself to begin with before we commence the life drawing thus making the girls feel immediately relaxed and once again, the ladies always feel comfortable and completely relaxed in my engaging party presence and sparkling effervescence.

I am also very flexible, versatile and accommodating with all my party bookings and offer a bespoke life modelling service tailored to suit the individual needs or requests of your party such as themes or surprise scenarios.

Although I am very self-assured and confident in personality being witty, fun, adventurous and always effervescent when entertaining all the ladies at my hen parties - I am also a very polite, conscientious, modest person being quintessentially aware of my surroundings with female charming company and never ever cocky - no pun intended even though I am considered by all the ladies to be very well-endowed Hee Hee!

I enjoy each and every party going to great lengths to ensure each and every lady is pleased and satisfied with the life drawing session - Pun intended!

I always enjoying bringing, Introducing and easing my classic masculinity, maleness and manhood into the female fold when life modelling and posing nude for hen parties and especially with the surprise scenarios - I am sure there is a naughty pun or two in there somewhere with not only a double entendre, but a quadruple entendre!!

I possess a quirky personality and sense of humour combined with effervescent energy always entertaining the ladies in style.

I have a great sense of humour, positive personality with a cheerful, fun, playful out-look on life and I am very outgoing with self-assured confidence, yet there is a dichotomy or yin and yang to my personality as I am a very modest individual too being very down-to-earth being the least narcissistic man or male life model that you will ever met.

I am a real "social chameleon" adapting to any situation and I also tend to move in very similar social circles as most of the of ladies who book me to model for parties.

Ladies have always told me from my very first party booking to present day that they appreciate the charisma, charming banter, wit, repartee, humour, quirky sense of fun and personality that I bring to all my hen parties coupled with my artistic nude life modelling.

I am a very self-motivated individual and considered to have a pleasing, positive, personality with effervescent energy and an outgoing, assured air of confidence, yet there is also a "yin and yang" dichotomy with me, as I am also very down-to-earth, chilled out, introspective, contemplative in thought and relaxed in nature.

I personally guarantee that you will all enjoy a fun time spent in my charming company as a professional male life model with style, coupled with the excitement of the nude life drawing class / session without anything cheap, tacky or sleazy, as I am most certainly not and never have been and never will be a stripper.


Due to my popularity as a male hen party life model posing nude for hen parties, I am regularly booked to model and pose for hen parties each week of the year and especially each Saturday or weekend with the exception of the festive period and other holidays.

It is quite usual for me to be booked to model for at least two or three and occasionally four hen parties each Saturday of the year with some parties also taking place on a Friday, Sunday or anytime during the week too.

There have been twelve different Saturdays since I began to offer my life modelling services for hen party life drawing that I have been booked for an amazing, awesome FIVE hen parties in one day - Lucky me!!

In fact, my record to date encapsulating one entire weekend is to have been booked for two hen parties on the Friday, five hen parties on the Saturday and another hen party life drawing session on the Sunday culminating in EIGHT parties over that one memorable weekend.



I am also a genuine, fully-trained, professional massage therapist offering my my massage therapy treatments and massage services exclusively for women.

I offer an out-call, visiting, mobile massage service in the comfort of your own home or hotel room covering all areas of SW London, South-West London, SE London, South-East London, South London, North London, East London, West London, Central London, Surrey and other areas throughout the UK within reasonable travelling distances from London.


I offer my professional massage therapy treatments for hen parties and pamper parties either as a separate booking or in conjunction with my hen party life modelling services:

"Assuring you of my best attention and professionalism at all times"  Simon xx

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