Hen Party Coincidences


I am personally based in SW London, South-West London.

Coincidently, most of my London parties tend to fall into the SW London areas and I have indeed modelled for many parties within walking distance of my own home in Wandsworth. The nearest party being just around the corner from my address in Wandsworth and a lady once called to book me for a party a few years ago which was originally designated and organised to be held at a flat in Kensington a few months prior to the booking. I then received a phone-call a few days before this particular party and the girl explained that more of her friends had perused the website and had cheekily added themselves to the hen party guest-list thus increasing the numbers of ladies expected

She apologetically explained that the party was now to be re-located to her house in Wandsworth and as I was taking down the new address details I suddenly stopped writing and asked her to repeat the exact address again!! She did so and to my amusement her house was on my own road and literally eight doors away. Needless to say that I did not ask for my travelling expenses that day and we still wave at each other when passing. I also have a tendency to meet other ladies from my previous hen parties on a frequent basis in SW London.

You can also imagine my surprise when three ladies walked up to me to say hello in one of my local restaurant bars in SW London and stated that they hardly recognised me with my clothes on (cliched I know!) as it transpired they were ladies who had attended a hen party I had modelled for in Oxford a few weeks prior to meeting again by random chance. 

I do find it amusingly coincidental that the majority of my London bookings are in the SW London area but even if I am booked to model for parties in locations outside London then there is always a contingency of the girls who live in SW London.

I regularly practise Hot Bikram Yoga at Parson's Green, Fulham, Clapham Junction and Balham studios and am always meeting girls at my hen parties who also attend the yoga classes. Thay have no excuse to tell me that they did not recognise me with my clothes on as you are vitually naked anyway when practising hot Bikram yoga!!

There was one hot summer's day in 2012 where I ended up modelling for four wonderful hen parties all located around the vicinity of Wandsworth Common and all the respective parties had booked me to model at varying different times,sometimes months apart beforehand all culminating on the same day in one area. Some of the girls even knew each other from different walks of life when I told them about my busy day!

I took a phone call from a lady with her initial enquiry requesting my availabilty to model for the hen party that she was organising and it transpired in conversation that she lived in an apartment block where I have property in Putney Bridge. Even more coincidently she also knew ladies that had drawn me at a girls' school sixth form in SW London ten years ago who had perused my website prior to her phone call who had drawn me when I modelled for a few sessions and were looking forward to drawing me naked again!

I modelled for a party at a beautiful holiday cottage in Whitchurch, Shropshire in the summer of 2009 and a few weeks later when I was at a local bar in Wandsworth Town three ladies approached me and to my pleasant surprise told me that they "barely" recognised me with my clothes on and it transpired that although the party was in Shropshire the ladies all lived locally to me in Wandsworth.

I was sitting on Wandsworth Common opposite Bellevue Road one early evening soaking up the last rays of sunshine after visiting my health club in July 2012 when three ladies walked over from the bar with their drinks and sat within close proximity. They immediately struck up a conversation with each other within my 'ear-shot' discussing the logistics of a hen party they were organising for their special friend. After five minutes I casually wandered over offering my business card venturing that they should consider a life drawing session for the party! To my pleasant surprise after perusing my website they called the next day to book my modelling services.

I am such a "cheeky chappie" but it does work and nothing ventured then nothing gained!!


I once modelled at at a party in a road just behind my own road in Wandsworth / Battersea and the party was held in a first floor flat with 14 ladies already present at 2pm in the afternoon. The ladies explained that they were expecting a few late arrivals travelling from outside London and that they would leave the front door ajar for them to let themselves in...

I had already begun my second quick standing pose facing the door when two girls bounded up the stairs and rushed in. One girl stopped in her tracks and just stared at me in disbelief (which most people do anyway so nothing new there then!!) but to my own surprise she smiled and said " Hi Simon!" and it was my turn to be surprised and it turned out that she had met and drawn me at a hen party in Oxford a few months before but had no idea that I would be modelling for her best friend"s hen party in SW London.

I have discovered that hen parties are a small world and I have had six bookings via word of mouth from just one party I modelled for in Hammersmith last November. 

I have actually modelled for parties located very close to my home in SW London and once even a party on my on own road only eight doors away from my home in Wandsworth.

However, I recently modelled for a party in Southampton organised by one of the prospective bridesmaids. We established during our booking telephone conversation that she only lived a few minutes walk away from me in Wandsworth, however whilst I was modelling at the party on Saturday 5.09.2009 and chatting with her I asked her exactly where her flat was in Wandsworth and to my amazement it transpired that I had actually modelled for a hen party about three years ago in her flat before she moved there!!

SW London is such a small world especially with my many hen party coincidences and bookings.

I once even modelled for three hen parties one sunny summer Saturday all located around Wandsworth Common and each party had booked me months apart of each other in advance.


I modelled for another amazing,awesome four wonderful hen parties on June 9th 2012 and my last party was actually very locally to me in SW London. My last party finished around 8pm and I just popped back to my own home which was five minutes away. I had a few missed calls and text from friends whilst at the last party from friends asking me to meet them around the dars of Clapham Common and Balham High Street so I decided to have a quick shower and then to go out meet them to enjoy some "me" time and to be with the boys after a day of entertaining all the lovely ladies (which of course I really love to do!!). I waited at my local bus stop and after 5 minutes the bus arrived which was completely empty on the lower deck so I went up the stairs and to my complete surprise I was greeted by cheers as I was the only guy and person on the upper deck from guess who...


I randomly met a group of ladies travelling on the top of a bus taking me back to Wandsworth after modelling for a party in Fulham,SW London one Saturday evening. As I was the only guy travelling with them for a short distance on the top flight of the bus they started to interact with me and asked what I had been up to that day as they were quite merry and very sociable by this time. I smiled and responded "You would not believe me if I told you!!" So they encouraged me to tell them and I told the ladies that I just modelled for three hen parties that day and gave then all my business card - It would have rude not too Hee Hee!

I alighted the bus a few stops before the girls wishing them all a happy hen party, but amazingly my phone rang half-an-hour later and it was one of the girls form the bus journey asking me if I could call round to their house in Clapham Common to model for a impromptu life drawing session as they were getting ready in their party frocks to go out again for the evening for supper and drinks! I then met my friends afterwards who could not believe my luck...

How is that for random spontaneity and of course how could I refuse so that was another five hen parties in one day!!

I was modelling at a wonderful party for nine ladies at a private apartment in Central London and one of the girls there knew me from a party I had modelled for a few months prior to the booking in Balham, SW London, but the most amazing coincidence from that particular hen party was when I arrived and after making my "grande entrance!" I was informed that one of their friends was unable to make and attend the party, however the girls had printed her photograph on T-shirt in her honour as she could not make it and she was there in spirit if not in presence. The ladies asked me to wear just the T-shirt with her image for fun and took photographs to send her as a joke. The lady who was unable to make the party then replied with a text surprising all the other girls saying "Tell Simon I said hello!!" after which the other ladies looked at each other in amusement with one girl exclaiming "We didn't tell her your name!!" It transpired after a few more text exchanges that she had met me at another hen party life drawing session earlier that year.

I recently modelled for another amazing four hen parties in London and I had arranged to meet some friends in a local pub in Clapham.After meeting them I offered to go to the bar for some drinks and whilst waiting at the bar two girls sitting next to me struck up conversation with me!! During the brief exchange they asked me where I had been all day and I responded that they would not believe me if I told them. After revealing my hidden talents (yet again that day!) that I had modelled for four hen parties that day it transpired that I had modelled for a party for one of their friends weeks earlier.


I was booked to model for three parties on Saturday December 7th 2013 and the last party was organised by a lady who had just recently left the R.A.F a few weeks prior to the party she was organising for her special sister.

I was then booked to model for another party located in Tunbridge Wells on Sunday December 8th 2013 which was comprised of 14 ladies who were all active members of the local air cadet core.


My first party of of four on Saturday September 21st 2013 was organised by Amy and the bride to be was named Sophie.

My second party was organised by Sophie and the bride to be was named Amy!


I was contacted by three separate hen organisers in January 2014 all tasked by the bride-to-be to organise a life drawing session for her hen party to be hosted in West Hampstead,London in April 2014. Although the hen had been persuing ideas for her own hen party she had given to job of the actual organisation to her three bridesmaids and she thought that life drawing would be perfect as she is a designer so she suggested it as an entertainment idea.

As the three bridesmaids had not had the chance to sit down and meet with each other to arrange the finer details of the entire hen party weekend they each take took it upon themselves to find a suitable nude male life model and all three unbeknown to the others had all chosen myself as having the perfect website and credentials for the job in hand so to speak. I was very flattered of course when it dawned on me when speaking to the ladies in person or reading their initial email enquiries that they were in fact all intending to book me for the same party. I did not have the heart to charge them three times instead of my usual life model fee!

I was booked to model for FIVE hen parties on Saturday March 1st 2014 all located in and around SW London which proved to be another very memorable day for me and it transpired in conversation with the ladies at my third party that the bride-to-be knew most of the ladies from my second party booking.
Although the number of ladies at my party bookings can vary the average number is circa 10-14 ladies, however on May 3rd 2014 I modelled for three parties each consisting of 30 plus ladies which was most a most unusual coincidence but I have days where I have been booked three separate parties where the total number of ladies at each party was circa 6-8 so swings and roundabouts, but each party is always very special to me regardless of numbers and the only figure that is important is me Hee Hee!!

I have a holiday home in the beautiful Lake District, Cumbria and would you believe that I was once booked by a hen party two years ago to model at a party in their rented holiday home located in the next neighbouring village. I could not believe it when the lady booking me gave me the exact address of the party. I stayed at my cottage which was of course handy and then returned to London a few days later during the week! I have also been booked by a lady to model for a party in London 2011 who used to visit the site when she was younger with her family where my holiday home is based - It is indeed a small world with all my many hen party bookings...

My most amazing journey in one day for two hen parties starting 30 miles outside Bath in a cottage and then onto a cottage just outside Illfracombe on the North Devon coast which was so remote that even the Sat-Nav system could not find it - Just as well it was so remote though as I ended up singing karaoke with the girls well into the night!!

I attended a party at a quaint farmhouse cottage in the Henley-Upon-Thames area on September 29th 2012 with 22 ladies present and amazingly yet again there were four ladies who knew me from four other separate hen parties over the past few years but one day had only met me at a party booking two weeks prior to this particular party.

I regularly meet ladies who have drawn me at previous parties at various locations but mainly in SW London or if I venture into the Home Counties or Sussex. I even met a girl who had drawn me at my second party ever in the UK at a party hosted in February 2012 near Guildford, Surrey thus leaving a six year gap since she had last met and drawn me!!

I modelled for a party on October 6th 2012 where I met five ladies out of a party of eighteen guests who had met me at five other parties in London.
Dramatic Hen Party May 26th 2012

I modelled for another amazing,awesome four parties in one day again on Saturday May 26th 2012 and at my first party booked that day I was totally surprised to meet a girl who had attended my drama school with me 15 eventful years ago.We were both speechless (for a change!!) and could not believe the chances of seeing each other again in such circumstances and as it transpired she had already seen me naked before whilst at drama school but I not going to divulge those details but all clean and above board - Hee Hee!  The coincidences just keep happening and there are even more to tell of, but I have limited space on this page so just choose to share the most poignant to me and the ladies at the hen parties.

Incidently, I modelled for a party in Kent circa 2010 and I met three ladies at one party who were two years below me at drama school who remembered me when we were all training there.

I was travelling to Cambridge on the train one lunchtime to attend a hen party which was my second of another four amazing parties in one day when a lady sent me a text enquiring about my availabily to model for a party to be hosted at a holiday cottage located in Heswall on the Wirral Peninsula which I know well then signed off with her name Becky. This was a coincidence as I had met a lovely lady called Becky also from Heswall, Wirral the previous week at my first party in the morning hosted at the Soho Theatre who requested my card as she was also organising another hen party so I just naturally assumed it was the same lady but it was not and a totally separate enquiry...

I attended a drama school in London situated in an amazing,awesome gothic-style building which also has residential apartments in two wings of the building and I was booked to model in one of the apartments there on September 29th 2012.

I took a phone from another lady based in SW London who had been looking at one of my websites whilst visiting a friend's flat in Putney Bridge who wanted to book me for another party and it transpired in that conversation that she had seen me modelling for another party in function room at one of my local bars in SW London a few months ago but she was only an innocent passer-by and not a guest at the party having seen a glimpse of my naked torso fleetingly as one lady left the room for a few moments momentarily leaving a gap in the door. She remembered remarking to her friend at the time who had popped out of the main bar for a few minutes that she had just seen a well-endowed naked model which would have been quite random on a sunny Saturday afternoon in the bar which had apparently made her day never expecting that she would be booking me herself one day for a party.

I modelled for a hen party in a beautiful village just outside the city of Bath last year where I was immediately recognised by several ladies at the party! It transpired that I had modelled for their conventional life drawing art classes when they where all attending sixth-form at an all-girls school in Hertfordshire circa 2002. They could not believe it when I walked in as the element of surprise for one of the girl's hen party several years later as they had often talked about me since their art classes.

I am of course often booked to model for non-hen party bookings such as pamper parties, ladies who lunch, ladies' charity events and sometimes just a group of ladies who enjoy the fun idea of drawing a nude male life model for their personal private entertainment having no other reason to book me.

I modelled for a hen party on Saturday afternoon April 18th 2015 in SW London and was then booked by four upmarket ladies staying in London for a long weekend at a luxury hotel in Mayfair. After enjoying a very entertaining life drawing session in their hotel room, I was making my way along the coridoor back to the lift when I could hear the chorus of "Happy Birthday" as I approached the lift doors. I duly pressed the key to go down and as the life approached from above the singing grew louder. As the doors opened I was greeted by six stunning ladies as dressed in elegant attire wearing mini-skirts or mini-dresses looking absolutely fabulous.

The lift was too full to join them but I confidently wished the birthday girl a very happy celebration giving her a business card with my details explaining at the same time that I have just been modelling nude for another small group of ladies. They loved the idea and laughed as the doors shut taking them down to the hotel foyer. I then took the next lift and five minutes later after leaving the hotel my phone rang and to my surprise it was one of the group of ladies I met in the life asking if they could book me for an hour before they went out on the town as they were only going down to the hotel bar when I initially met them and they had looked at my website on their mobile phones prior to calling me.

I thought quickly and called my previous party in the hotel to ask if I could use the remaining pads and drawing materials telling them the story as I went back to their room to collect the art materials. They were even more amused that I was at the prospect of another party in the same hotel at such short notice and it does pay to be cheeky as nothing ventured then nothing gained in life (as well as life drawing !) and the second party was even more naughty fun than the first that evening with myself and six lovely ladies sharing the same hotel room - Lucky me!!
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