Hen Party Life Drawing Fun


It has nearly always been suggested by the guests that at the end of the drawing that the bride-to-be or even the bridesmaids (at the choice of the hen to get sweet revenge for her own initial surprise with me!) pose with myself to suit and respect their own personal boundaries and comfort zones of course.

The pose usually lasts for approximately 5 minutes for photographs and drawings. I am always aware that the whole life drawing session has been a surprise for her entertainment and NEVER over-step any boundaries or comfort-zones with her at any time during the pose keeping still-In fact it is usually the highlight of the drawing session and so much fun for all.

I always seem to gauge if the bride-to-be is comfortable with the idea of posing with myself and I NEVER push or suggest this idea myself always being careful not to take any of the ladies out of their comfort zones.

Sometimes the bridesmaids or other guests will be encouraged to pose with me at the culmination of the entire life drawing session, but if not then we can finish with another pose of your choice.

We can be both inventive and creative playing some fun games when drawing to make the life drawing session even more interesting fun. 

Remember that my hen and party life drawing sessions are NOT the serious life drawing classes you would undertake in an educational establishment by any means.

You can also arrange some token first, second and third prizes for your friends after the drawing with different catagories such as best technical artistic, funniest, worst or even the sexiest drawing when you can write good luck hen party messages for your special friend.


Well at least with one "hitch" that is the hen getting hitched... 

I modelled for a party in Whitstable, Kent in July 2013 and the ladies had hired the most spectacular house overlooking the sea.I decided to make my way to the town earlier that Friday day thus making a day-trip combined with my party booking on Friday evening at the hired house. 

Whilst I was in the town the hen party organiser phoned me to frantically inform me that although she had meticulously pre-purchased all the art pads and drawing materials then were on route from London and had forgotton to pack them. 

She asked if I might be able to source the materials and that she had discovered an art shop in the main shopping centre. To my disbelief the shop had closed for a half-day so my only option was to find the pads and materials elsewhere. 

I discovered a "99p" shop further down the quiant high street and they had a very limited selection so I can only say that the girls were highly amused to be drawing my naked torso on My Little Pony drawing pads...

So almost without a hitch!


I was once asked "Do you ever paint yourself Simon?" To which I replied "Well I used to but it's such a hassle to wash off!"

You can always read my new book before the life drawing party which is titled "How to Get A-Head in Life Drawing!"

I was once asked what my own taste in art is to which I replied "I'm not sure - I've never bitten any!"

It could be an interesting idea to have the life drawings laminated to use as place mats at the forthcoming wedding reception...

I am not a male life model but a male life "muddle"

And of course "Does my bum look big in this?" Hee Hee!

I am rather well-endowed (if not too much information!!) and one ex-girlfriend did once ask me "that if all men think with their penis - then am I a genius??" 

I am a genuine member of the high intelligence organisation MENSA so there must be some truth in her statement with many a true word said in jest, so therefore it is big and it is clever.

My endowment has even been called a "Penisaurus" so you might need larger sheets of paper for the finale drawing of my manhood on its own with a good luck message for your special friend bride-to be to complete the session Hee Hee!!

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