My Personal Assurances


I assure you that your party and life drawing session will always remain sophisticated, stylish, classy and an artistic affair.

I am in fact very quintessentially aware and astute in analysing the mood and personalities of the ladies in the first few moments when I make my "grande entrance" into the party.

I am always able to immediately gauge and psycho-analyse to mood of the parties enabling me to perfectly pitch the life modelling poses and tone for the life drawing session to suit either the more shy, prudish, conservative ladies or to please the more outgoing, confident, adventurous, playful parties.

In fact, even the most reserved ladies attending my parties kindly tell me that I always mange to pitch if just right for all the ladies involved including everyone in the fun and games as well as the bride-to-be of course so it becomes a real group activity for all to enjoy on your special day or evening together.

In my vast wealth of hen party experience with hundreds of party bookings that I have NEVER encountered a bad reaction, even with the most shy, reserved or prudish of ladies at parties. 

As the bride-to-be realises that I am a life model and NOT a stripper, she usually becomes more relaxed and then grows excited about the concept of life drawing coupled with enjoying some artistic, creative hilarious fun. 

I am always able to find out more about the hen herself and the nature of the ladies when I am liasing with the bridesmaids / hen party organiser who has initially booked me so that we ensure that there is no room for any "faux-pas" or going beyond any personal boundaries or comfort zones.

My hen parties are all about the life drawing with fun tasteful nudity and I would like to state for the record that I never ever transgress any personal boundaries or comfort zones.

However with that in mind, some playful fun and naughtiness is bound to ensue on occasion with hen parties coupled with natural exuberance, excitement and the adrenalin of the moment.

I always know just how far to go and far not to go with the naughtiness or being playful which I do not initiate, but I am more than happy to play along with the girls if they are playful in high spirits wishing to pose for photographs and you can view some sample images within my Naughty Gallery link.

In other words if the girls are feeling naughty, cheeky and playful then I will play back...

Some parties on the other hand can also be more conservative taking afternoon tea with their life drawing session which again is absolutely fine and there are many images within my website that reflect this fact.

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