It is so easy to book me and my professional art nude life modelling services with ease and comfort combined with professionalism...

I am sometimes booked up to a year in advance, several months in advance, weeks in advance and occasionally at very short notice depending on my availability.

I do NOT charge a fee per person thus keeping your party budget within reason. 

The life drawing usually lasts for an hour and a half and you are assured of a fantastic, fun time and guaranteed value for money from a highly motivated, experienced professional life model as I always enjoy my work keeping my modelling fees very reasonable.

You have the added advantage of liasing with me and booking me as an independent life model directly as opposed to booking through an agency with no extra agency fees and costs.

I am very aware that you have other expenses to take into account with your budgets such as accommodation with wining, dining and possibly other entertainment activities too, thus keeping my fees reasonable for your special day together.

I also prefer to keep my prices very reasonable and within your budget as I am booked to model for SO many wonderful parties each weekend and sometimes during the week throughout the entire year.

Although I am mainly booked to pose nude and to model for hen parties, my life modelling prices below also cover and include all other pamper parties and any non-hen party celebrations or parties seeking my life modelling services as a male nude life model.

Hen Parties located in all Greater London Zones - £150 inclusive

Hen Parties located outside Greater London Zone 6 and in other areas throughout the UK - £150 plus train travel fare expenses and any additional taxi fare expenses incurred if necessary to and from your nearest train station


I am more than happy and willing to negotiate very special hen party price fee concessions and discounts for smaller hen party groups of up to circa 5 or 6 ladies located within Greater London and Surrey travel Zone 6, so please feel free to ask and "nothing ventured then nothing gained" as I have often been booked to model for quite a few parties of anything between three to six ladies.


I am very professional when taking bookings and I do ask for a £50 deposit.

The deposit of £50 can be transferred directly to my hen party account by bank transferred once it has been credited to my bank account then I will always send you a confirmation email to confirm the booking and receipt of the deposit transfer for your own assurances and records.

The £50 booking deposit is to secure your booking with me and is then deducted from my main total price for my hen party life modelling services thus leaving the remaining balance owing on the actual day of the party or by bank transfer in the week prior to the party to suit your own financial arrangements or financial arrangements with your co-organisers or co-partners in crime on the hen party committee.

This would then leave the balance including any travel fares incurred owing on the day or by direct bank transfer the week prior to the party depending on your own finances, financial preferences or financial arrangements with your co-organisers and the other ladies.

The £50 deposit is fully refundable for cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances up to one month prior to any hen party booking. 


If I am to travel out of London or Surrey Zone 6 by public transport then I do ask for my train fares and any additional taxi fares if necessary to be taken into account too, but I assure you that I am very "fair with my fares" and never, ever gratuitous when asking for my train travel fares or taxi fares to be taken into account in addition to my life modelling price fee.

If there is a suitable bus journey that I can take once I have arrived in the town or city to your personal location as opposed to booking a taxi taking the same road route or similar road route to the bus, then I would take the bus journey option to save you paying additional travel expenses when booked to travel and model for hen parties in other locations throughout the UK

I am able to purchase train tickets relatively inexpensively when booking in advance and I meticulously plan my journey in advance always arriving on time.

I always travel to your location by public transport as unfortunately my helicopter crashed into my yellow vintage sports car and black Lamborghini which was parked on my yacht at the time.

I even come gift-wrapped for your life drawing...
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