Hen Party Surprise Scenarios


The advantage of booking me personally and then liasing with me directly as opposed to booking a life model through an agency or hen party company offering hen party life drawing classes is that you can discuss all the details of the hen party logistics, element of surprise scenarios, the personality of the bride-to-be and perhaps more details about the other ladies attending.

I always give my party organiser a courtesy phone call or we speak at her convenience in the week prior to the party booking to pay special attention to the element of surprise and this then enables myself and yourself to know exactly what to expect prior to the actual hen party.

This can include you all drawing something else to begin with and I will be waiting outside the door in the wings as-it-were after being secretly and discreetly let in by one of the ladies in which case you can settle all the girls down with their drawing pads to begin drawing a fun object or to play a drawing game of your choice which I will leave to your imagination and discretion.

The ladies will all wonder why they are drawing at a hen party so you can then suggest that whatever you are drawing is boring and that you are going to find something more interesting to draw - Which will be me waiting in the wings as it were being the "something" more interesting to draw. 

You can then introduce me into the female fold perhaps saying "Girls! You will not believe this, but look what else I have found to draw".

You could even commence drawing the bride-to-be for five minutes on the pretence an artistic activity then writing good luck message on your drawings as a momento.

I can then enter the room wearing just shorts, a towel or completely naked wearing just my "birthday suit" at your discretion to suit the party introducing myself to the ladies working my charm and charisma so the ladies graciously compliment and tell me!

If I am wearing some shorts then the ladies may then wonder if I pose completely nude so we can tease them by me wearing them until the big moment of my revealing all in style...

I can assure you that this "grande entrance" will guarantee surprised laughter and giggles letting the fun, frivolity and frolics begin by wishing the bride-to-be a very happy, hippy hen party gently whispering to her and reassuring her that I am NOT stripper, but a life model to entertain her with a tasteful, creative, artistic life drawing class much to her visible and palpable relief.

I am always aware of what to expect with the hen's and ladies personalities having liased with the organiser prior to all my parties, yet some parties still manage to surprise me, but I immediately analyse the mood of the party, personalities and most importantly the bride-to-be knowing exactly where and how to pitch the modelling session.

If you have any other suggestions of surprise scenarios with your own ideas perhaps to suit the party theme or personality of the bride-to-be, then please feel free to discuss this with me when we have our initial chat regarding the finer details and logistics of the booking.

Another fun scenario incorporates my acting skills adopting the role of a maintenance man sent on the pretence of investigating a problem in the bathroom whereby I feign surprise meeting the ladies then go upstairs only to return in just shorts or a towel declaring there is nothing wrong with the plumbing...

I could always rely on my drama acting experience and pretend to be a genuine waiter or the manager if your party is to be hosted in a function room commencing by entering the room charming the ladies whilst pouring drinks only to then reveal myself as the nude male model.

If you wish to aim for the maximum shock factor and with the space or room allowing - I can adopt a classical, statuesque pose waiting completely naked in the room where the life drawing party is to be hosted waiting for the bride-to-be followed by the other ladies to make their entrance casting their eyes and vision on me for the first time.

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